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3D Model Services Review

Why Use 3D Model Services?

Creating 3D models is time consuming. Patience and skill is required in each phase of the model composition from the mesh to the texture. Additionally, adding detail and animation to make your project look the way you want also requires a significant amount of toil and talent. Add to all of this – deadlines.

So for a head start, try downloading models, textures, mocap files, blueprints and more from a 3D model service. These services can save you time, so you have time to explore your creative possibilities.

Many 3D model websites also offer custom modeling services. They can create an image from any real world object using the latest digitizing technology. Computer images can be created from sketched drawings, actual objects or even humans.

Freelance artists will enjoy services that allow them to publish their work and even sell it. Many websites offer free accounts for selling artists and pay royalties on all sold artwork.

In this site, you’ll find articles related to 3D modeling as well as comprehensive reviews of 3D model services to help you make an informed decision on which 3D model service is right for you. At TopTenREVIEWS We Do the Research So You Don’t Have To.™

What to Look for in 3D Model Services

There are a variety of services available in 3D modeling. Most services host a library of 3D models that you can download for free or purchase individually or in collections. You can find textures, plug–ins, blueprints, tutorials and more. Many companies offer custom modeling services as well.

Below are the criteria TopTenREVIEWS used to evaluate 3D Model Services:

Services/Products Offered
First and foremost, a 3D model service should include a good library of 3D models for you to download in a variety of categories and formats. Many services have textures, blueprints, mocap files, plug–ins and other products to help graphic artists with their specific needs and projects. Some also offer custom modeling to accommodate any 3D project.

Model Quality
Look for models with life–like effect, high resolution and level of detail. The quality of the 3D models should match the price. Models with low level of detail and resolution should be inexpensive if not free. High quality, complex models should be fairly priced.

Model Selection
Good 3D model services offer a big selection of 3D models. A good library consists of thousands of choices in a variety of categories to accommodate every artist.

Good help and support is an essential part of online services. Look for a service that guarantees customer satisfaction and is willing to work with your specific needs.

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